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As I said, some people were found because of their dogs, and think of blind people that receive a lot of help from dogs, and so on.
Cat feces probably attracts dogs because cat food is higher in protein and fat than dog food, and consequently cat feces is, too. There are some well-accepted behavioral explanations for dogs eating their own stool — not that I know of any research to back them up. Many people muzzle their dogs to prevent poop-eating, but the commonest result is simply a muzzle stained with droppings, which is more than you wanted.
While humans brush and floss their teeth daily, dogs are not the best at keeping good dental hygiene. If your dog has the bad habit of eating feces, it is not only gross but it increases the chance of you and your dog to contract deadly infections. Among common dental diseases impacting humans are tooth decay and cavities, which affect 90% of school children worldwide but only 5% of dogs. However, dogs are very susceptible to gum diseases (gingivitis or periodontitis) that if untreated could cause teeth to rot and fall out. German shepherds aren't too far evolutionarily from wolves, yet the same people who freak out after being grabbed by a bum on the subway bring these toothy animals into their homes and then have to teach them not to shit where they eat and not to eat their own shit.
You could also ask the Canadian couple eaten in 2011 by their five Shetland sheepdogs and two mutts, or, from this year, the mug eating pug owned by an alcoholic in Wichitia, Kansas and the German shepherd whose favourite food was apparently the head of his Spanish owner.
Your guess is as good as mine, as for why dogs like horse and cow manure and goose droppings.

Dogs who suffer from malabsorption syndromes, like exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, sometimes eat feces, including their own. Owners probably lose track on how many times their dogs eat out of disgusting trash, drink filthy toilet bowl water and chew on unidentified dead rodents or insects.
Well the reason why this wives tale had been spreading around is because many bacteria in dogs’ mouths are species-specific, meaning they are non transmissible to humans. Not only that it makes your dog’s mouth smell like their behinds, dog feces contain parvovirus, whipworms, hookworms, roundworms, threadworms, campylobacteriosis, giardia, and coccidia. Well there are reasons why silly tiny dog toothbrushes and bacon flavored toothpastes are invented. Humans love their sugary sodas and sweets therefore causing the bacteria Streptococces mutans in sweet foods to thrive in human mouth. This does not only cause extremely bad breath but is a very painful disease for dogs as they will not be able to eat anything due to gum infection.
According to vet professionals, dogs lick their wounds to clean it as though we would wash ours with water.
It's not all that surprising that these canines are eating our dead faces whenever they get the chance.
Unlike humans above the age of two, plenty of dogs just love The Poop, whether it comes from cats, horses, geese, or, most disgustingly to many a proud owner, their own body or their master’s. Before dogs were dogs, they were wolves, and upon locating human excrement and human garbage, the wolves chowed down.

The rationale would be the same one that makes crate training so successful: dogs avoid soiling their nests. The commercial taste deterrents you feed your dog don’t have any impact on any feces but hers. Also not to mention the mysterious behavior of dogs who love to eat poop which makes everyone gag. Hookworm larvae can be be passed on to pets and humans through skin contact or by ingestion.
Food, especially wet food are often stuck between dogs’ teeth and there is no way of getting it out unless you brush their teeth.
The reason why this does not really affect dogs is because the bacteria thrive in acidic environment which the human mouth provides instead of the more alkaline dog’s mouth. And the following time he spots some feces at the dog park, he speeds up the snatch-and-grab, and you melt into a puddle of embarrassment. Do not forget, we are talking about dogs, which are animals, although some people try to humanise them.

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