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Every dog is different, and some dogs might also just be particularly picky about where they go. Over 5 years of professional dog training experience with both pet dogs and competition dogs, specializing in managing aggression. A new study says that dogs choose the direction they relieve themselves based on our planet’s magnetic field. The study suggests that dogs are sensitive to small variations in Earth’s magnetic field.
It’s not that they are trying to annoy you, well, it’s probably that too, but a recent study reported in Discovery News shows that wolves, and by extension their doggie descendants …choose locations that maximize visual impact and odor distribution…They defecate in places that enhance the appearance and scent of their feces.In other words they choose where the pile will be seen the clearest and smelled the strongest. Usually Icy goes as far from the house in the yard as she can, but when it is cold out, she just goes at the edge of the porch.
If a dog relieves himself there, the scent lingers and other dogs can smell the pee-mail thirty feet away.If you’ve ever walked a male dog, especially a small one, you have probably seen him trying to pee as high as he can on hydrants, trees and fences to leave the message that he is larger than he really is.

Following an ingrained instinct, he is marking his territory as his ancestor, the wolf, does.On the other hand, it may be that dogs simply use their need for elimination to annoy their owners as much as possible. When dogs decide where to pee or poop, they’re likely making sure that wherever they go is the best place to leave their scent – or signature, if you will. Dogs were observed in a free-roaming environment, meaning they were not leashed and not influenced by walls or roads that would influence linear movement.
Doggie doodoo can inform other dogs of their identity, mating status, control of territory, and probably some other things people don’t know about. It seems as though Fido must sniff every single blade of grass, circle a certain number of times, triple check, and maybe make a decision. Just as you’ve sat at a lunch table and seen “Sally was here,” written on it, your dog is notifying other dogs of his presence when he decides where to poop.
What seems like it should take a few minutes can go into the double digits, and it’s always when the humans are on a time schedule!

Dogs aren’t so great at generalizing, so it makes sense that a dog that’s only used one type of surface as a potty area will sometimes have difficulty learning to use another.
Simply stand in one spot and make him choose somewhere near you, reinforcing him with “good potty,” when he finally goes. So if you’ve got a picky pottier and you’re short on time, try these steps and remember that searching for the best poop spot is perfectly normal.

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