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Yikes, this is scary to us too you know and not just bepaws of the laws regarding dangerous dogs.
Whether it is the family dog or the neighbor’s pet pooch, dog bites in kids are very common. We chatted with experts to find what causes a dog to bite, how to prevent them and tips for treating the physical and emotional trauma that can go along with dog bites.
According to the Centers for Disease Control, around 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year, with children between the ages of 5 and 9 being most at risk. Since a dog can't talk, when a behavior occurs that it doesn't like it will growl, snap and bite. In fact, in a dog's mind, they are teaching you manners as they would teach their own puppies. He cautions parents to watch the bite for signs of infection, including redness, pain, swelling and purulent discharge, and to see a doctor if you are concerned.
For deeper cuts — or bites on the face — consult a doctor, who may recommend oral antibiotics as needed in case of an infection. If the child was being appropriate or the bite was more serious, she says they may need to see a counselor to reduce the likelihood of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Lastly, Berryman says parents should always be aware if a home has a dog before letting the kids go over for a play date.
Take a look at one of my pals and what happened to him when one human didn’t have control of their own dog who was bigger than him.
Yet dogs bite for purposeful reasons,” says Melissa Berryman, dog bite specialist and author of People Training for Good Dogs: What Breeders Don’t Tell You and Trainers Don’t Teach.
A 6-year-old girl loves to hug and play with the family dog, so while visiting at a friend’s house she runs up and hugs and squeezes their dog — like she does with her own pet Fido — and gets bitten. Activities such as pulling it by the collar, manipulating it in a way the dog doesn’t want, walking too close to its bed, toys or food, being too obnoxious or hyper, or even being spoken to by the dog owner or parent in a certain way can elicit a response. Executive director of Motley Zoo Animal Rescue Jme (pronounced "Jamie") Thomas says that if the child did something inappropriate — such as stealing a bone from the dog which resulted in a minor bite — they will learn to never do that again and the lesson will be simple. Dogs can only behave like dogs and treat people the way they treat other dogs,” says Berryman.
The discipline technique of dogs is quick, startling and meant so that they don’t have to tell the pup not to do something ever again," she says. Thomas says that 90 percent of the time when a foster family reports a dog fight or bite, it has to do with a dog bone or treat.

The attacking dog’s humans paid the vet bill but if this had been any closer to my pal’s throat, he’d have been a goner, rrruff! Remember this is a HUMAN problem NOT a dog problem bepaws you humans made the decision to bring a dog home and responsibly train your dog to be a good canine citizen. The child needs to be told again, that the dog didn't mean to hurt them, but that sometimes animals (in general) can be unpredictable and do things we don't understand. Everyone should start talking reassuringly to dogs before the dog approaches, stand still, relax, tap the side of their legs as if they are wagging their tail and continue to reassure the new dog using a higher-pitched voice.
Bites to pups hurt — but aren’t devastating, and pups know how to communicate that they have received the message. If a dog wants to be patted it will relax its body and come up to you, even pressing its body against you or seeking out your hand.

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