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What really disturbed me about getting bit by my dog is that I was able to quickly assess the situation. Know your dog’s body language so that you can ward off aggression or stress before it gets that far. If your dog tends towards regular aggression, you might want to curb aggressive games like tug-of-war. If you’re having a difficult time with your dog, reach out to a professional dog trainer for help. I find it fascinating that we belong to a community that understands our culpability when our dogs behave badly or out of character.
It such a good habit to create; we do the same with our dogs when playing gets a little to rough.
My hubby got his foot bit really hard the other day but it was because the dog was playing rough with a toy at his feet and. A long time ago, I helped a friend of mine who did Doberman rescue and during that time, the two of us would have long conversations about dog behavior.
Thanks for the insight, Kathy – I never thought about what Rodrigo may have felt about me walking away.
My sister and I had a big fight one night in the living room and silly mom decided to break it up and in the heat of the moment I bit mom thinking she was my sister.
I knowingly adopted a dog with a bite history (created by the previous family) and knew no matter what I’d go through with her that I would never abandon her or have her euthanized.
Bites are almost always a last resort and typically occur only after prior communication cues, like snarling, go unheeded. Canine sociability is influenced by various factors, including genetics, early learning and ongoing experience around other dogs. Limited experience with other dogs during the socialization period or access to only certain types of dogs can make a canine more selective about the types of dogs he is comfortable around. There are various reasons one dog may bite another dog, but most bites occur when the biter feels threatened.
Trust me, I’m doing my very best to control my personal feelings pertaining to dog bites, but it’s incredibly hard lately.
When I hear dog trainers, groomers and rescue volunteers boast about numerous dog bites like it’s a badge of honor, I become incensed.
If dogs are forced to bite someone, they will learn biting stops scary things from happening and bite more.
Dog Training Nation strives to provide you the best dog training and other dog-related tips in the industry. Below you will find the information I give to people who contact me when their adult dog has bitten.

Giving up a dog for that wouldn’t make sense and I do think majority of people, especially if inexperienced with dogs would take it personally, blame the dog and not reflect on what they themselves may have done to cause it. Ours weren’t really hard either (except the finger confused for a bone) it was more of an hit with the teeth rather than a bite. In dog first aid class they warn you that dogs will often when you try to help because they are in pain…one of the reasons you found that dogs bite. The best kind of learning comes when we have to untangle an incident like the one you’ve described.
Honestly, this is one of those topics that most of us, as dog owners, like to steer clear of, not wanting to talk about or being too embarrassed to admit to.
In this case, the bite is a defensive behavior designed to increase distance and lessen the threat posed by the other dog. It also implies she’s willing to use so much force your dog will be forced to bite her to make him stop.
Witnessing newbie dog enthusiasts bragging about numerous dog bites in an attempt to convince dog owners of their extraordinary dog experience makes me sick.
Ninety percent of all dogs have high tolerance levels for human nonsense and will calmly try to disengage.
When dogs have had enough, they should be allowed to walk away and remove themselves from the situation. Whether your dog has bitten a person or another animal, my suggestions always start with the ones listed below. Dogs can have amazing control of their bites and games of tug (with proper rules) can help reinforce this. Don’t be afraid to take it apart and examine all of its pieces with someone who might be able to offer you a few more something elses to think about. Oh, but seasoned dog professionals do the same thing, showing off their battle scars to further prove themselves as qualified professionals. Nooo! Believe it or not, choosing to engage or disengage is very rewarding for dogs–it’s just as rewarding as food treats.
We cover a range of topics, from socializing puppies to dealing with aggressive dog behavior to selecting the best dog products. Keep a journal and write down anything that you can think of that may have been a precursor to the incident.
You have made a commitment to your dog, and sometimes that commitment means finding a more suitable home. If this happens often, you’ll learn to punch someone’s lights out within seconds because this stops the conflict quickly. Rather than restraining dogs during baths and nail trims, offer peanut butter stuffed toys tied to your grooming arm, so dogs will voluntarily stand still.

Dogs are genetically programed to be stoic about pain, and usually we only see signs of pain when the dog is really hurting. So many people panic and assume a dog must be euthanized, or they don’t address the situation by asking questions first. It all goes back to understanding and training and thankfully you took the time to think this through and aren’t ignorant to what was going on. Human hands should be for petting dogs and never for forcing, pulling, tugging or punishing. I work with plenty of dogs who would be OK in other homes, but once the dog was pushed too far, there was no magic farm for that dog to go to. In my case, my Cavalier is the sweetest thing ever and sometimes I have to remind myself that not all dogs are like teddy bears, so to use caution around unfamiliar animals. Thanks for reminding us to persevere with our dogs, even if they do something unexpected like this. And I practice at making sure they know I am not a threat when I approach them while they are eating. Now, you’ve learned (and practiced) how to successfully and calmly walk away from conflict. Many of the methods you are seeing on TV these days are outdated, needless and may do more harm than good. The behavior of my dog Charlee improved when she was treated with meds to regulate her thyroid. I usually take about three weeks to slowly condition a dog to a muzzle.Another trick to getting your dog accustomed to a muzzle is to use a frozen muzzle. My previous dog Sephi, who passed away at age ten in 2011, went through a phase when she was about two years old.
He will only wear the muzzle at times you set, when possible injury could occur or there are visitors. I knew Jack was big, excitable, with minimal manners – I asked a lot (too much) of a dog who had just found a new home after a year in a shelter. I immediately called our trainer who we had already contacted the week before when I knew I was over my head.

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