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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Constant exposure to sound of barking really can induce extreme distressYou can picture the scene. Although this can be expensive, it may well be cheaper than the type of fines you can face if your dog continues to bark.Some people consider buying a second dog to keep the first dog company, but this is not a reliable way to stop dogs barking, as was the case with Mrs Stephenson of Ealing. Speak to your vet for advice.To understand the difficulties, you have to get inside the mind of a dog.

But then, just as you settle down on your creaky sun lounger, your peace is shattered.It’s the dog next door, and it’s barking. Your neighbours may end up having to endure twice the noise as the two set each other off!Second, make sure that your dog has plenty of exercise and enough to eat.
A well-fed, physically tired dog is much more likely to be a quiet dog.If it’s dark, leave a light on — and consider leaving on a TV or radio, as the sound of humans, even recorded voices, is known to make dogs more relaxed.
In fact, it barks for a further four hours until its owner gets home, by which time your day in the sun has been ruined.But what makes it worse is that you know it is going to happen all over again tomorrow, and the day after that.

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