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The Synanthedon scitula dogwood borer is the major insect pest in dogwood trees and shrubs, according to the University of Kentucky Extension. Small birds such as yellow-rumped warblers, robins, pine grosbeaks and cardinals, among others, feed on the fruits from such dogwood species as red-osier, flowering dogwood and gray dogwood between July and November. The blossoms of dogwood are simply beautiful, but dogwoods also attract wildlife to your backyard.
Dogwoods come in all shapes and sizes, from a hardy ground cover only 6 inches high to stately trees towering 60 feet tall. Flowering dogwoods are understory trees that grow in the shadows of larger trees in the wild.
The University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension indicates that larger birds such as grouse, wild turkeys and wood ducks also feed on dogwood fruit.

It was our first spring in Oregon, and the Pacific dogwood’s (Cornus nuttallii) graceful silhouette of bare branches erupted in an explosion of creamy-white flowers, some flushed with pink. Their larvae tunnel beneath the bark and feed on the wood, causing tree weakness and dieback. Rabbits browse on many different dogwood varieties, but the website indicates they are not especially fond of redtwig dogwood and may leave this species alone. Months later, I found out that the dogwood’s main attraction of flowers were actually decorative bracts—large, petallike leaves surrounding small and insignificant greenish-yellow blooms.
For starters, giant silk moths and several species of butterflies favor dogwoods as host plants.
Dogwoods put on their best show when you grow them in well-drained, fertile and moderately moist soil in full sun, with most preferring light shade.

Another insect that feeds on dogwoods is the scale, an immobile insect that feeds on stems and leaves. Dogwoods are one of the best ornamental trees for multi-seasonal appeal, as well as a multi-use attraction for wildlife.

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