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The intimate yet enchanting Vegas Strip is the focus in Bethesda's Fallout: New Vegas, a title that looks set to introduce gamers to the most authentic virtual Las Vegas in a game ever. This take on Las Vegas is based around a 1950s and 60s mentality, a time when mobsters ran the strip and gambling was a classy and cool thing to do. Roaming the rabble of Washington DC in Fallout 3 was somewhat eerie, as the modern day political climate can often point to such a disastrous affect on the world.

One of the most captivating elements of Fallout: New Vegas seems to be its undeniable affection for the criminality that drives the city, both in the virtual and real world. Thats a great article, its so true of revealing the essence of the setting of the newer fallout games, one of the best articles I have read in a while, and I go on SMH a lot.

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