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Just as the Weimaraner can become guarded over their food dish to a fault, there is always the potential they can become protective over toys, humans, and their property.
The Weimaraner can learn to tolerate many situations and still to thrive when they are in the right environment. Note: If you are part of the extended OwyheeStar family or on our waiting list, then please feel free to share your questions, comments, pointers, insights, experiences, and valued tips. We sincerely hope you will find the information, the stories, and varied posts insightful (as well as entertaining).
Unfortunately it has come to the notice of long standing Weimaraner breeders that there are several inexperienced and unscrupulous "back year breeders" producing Weimaraner puppies and charging very high prices for these puppies. These 'breeders' have no regard to the principles of breeding puppies that are healthy nor do they aim to produce puppies that conform to a breed standard, both in structure and temperament. At Ashlaren, we strongly advise that potential puppy buyers check out the breeder before you commit to purchasing your puppy by asking for information as to their experience, HOW LONG they have been involved with the breed, ask if they are members of a state controlling canine body (eg Dogs NSW) and if they have current Weimaraner breed club involvement, HOW MANY CHAMPIONS they have bred under their own prefix, and which HEALTH CHECKS are undertaken before breeding and what GUARANTEE they give to their puppy buyers .
Ashlaren Weimaraners were established in the early 1980's and we are very proud of our 30 year reputation of consistently producing high quality puppies as proven in our exceptional record of top winning show dogs in Australia and overseas over the past decades. Be sure to inspect the environment in which the dogs live and remember to ask lots of questions before deciding on purchasing a puppy! New Weimaraner owners and new parents, Barbara and Todd Bachelder of Sydney, introduce their baby son Tyler aged only 10 days old, to their much loved Weimaraner - Bella (Ashlaren High Jinx) - who is sired by one of our top producing sires, Aust Ch Ashlaren Reuben.

Weimaraners are such family orientated dogs and here Dylan and Lottie are sharing the joy of Christmas 2010 with baby Holly. Parents Sarah and James Hall of Sydney and their gorgeous daughter all love their Weimaraners and James enjoys taking them hunting with him.
The mothers of our puppies are always very caring of their babies and love having people admire them and being told how beautiful their babies are.
We are never going to recommend anyone trust a Weimaraner in every situation or with any child. Yes, although they are not a guard dog per say the Weimaraner can become guarded over their home and yard. Please keep in mind that all of our information is based from our experience and is our personal opinion.
This Blog, information, and photos posted herein are copyright protected and remains the sole property of Cliff and Shela Nielsen. No unauthorized use is permitted. They are always so proud of their puppies and don't mind a bit of extra babysitting help from our grandchildren, especially when it is such a large litter of silver grey babies!
Children are often the target of the Weimaraner–not purposely but alas puppy biting happens.
Someone could reach across the fence (something no one should ever do) and get warned or nipped.

Owner’s Weim pictures are used with permission and the photos remain the sole property of their owners.
Our only grand daughter, Lauren, is a true dog lover already and is a great help caring for the puppies ..
Small children carry food, walk at their eye-level, topple over easily, and stimulate the environment.
Lets face it–children are energy charged electric magnets that attract a Weimaraner and fuel their desire to be wild. Somehow these three Weimaraner pups have been more than successfully incorporated into the big picture. So, when you think about sending a Weimaraner into a child-rich environment it is a bit concerning.

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