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Here is the problem: in my life, I have never once met a person who uses a retractable leash in the above-described fashion.
Instead, what I see regularly are inattentive people with un-retracted retractable leashes allowing their dogs to run roughshod while they pay attention to something else, such as the Facebook app on their smartphones.
However, it is in my professional life that I see the truly tragic outcomes of inappropriate retractable leash use.
In theory, any inattentive person with any leash, retractable or not, is a potential menace to their dog’s safety and well-being. As a dog owner, I take umbrage to any people who allow their dogs to give the species a bad name.
In fact, the use of retractable leashes is already illegal in many places such as the city of San Francisco and all California state parks. If you are an attentive person who uses a retractable leash responsibly, then more power to you.
Hi Tony, I would suggest getting a medium leash and an additional double clipped lead in medium as well. Right now, I currently use 2 leashes around my waist, each leash attached with a 2 dog adjustable coupler. In an incident dating back to April 2011, a man from Jupiter, Florida, lost his thumb when he took his 25-pound pup out for a walk and the retractable leash got caught in his hand.
Retractable leashes don't kill dogs, but inattentive people with retractable leashes kill dogs.

I can generally handle it when not-so-friendly little dogs on retractable leashes try to attack my 65-pound pal, Buster. However, in practice the length of flexileads allows dogs to go further and therefore get into more trouble. Dogs that muddy nice clothes make the dog haters of the world feel justified in hating my dog, even though he has never in his life done such a thing. The dog haters of the world would love to see further restrictions on canine access to public places. These places have laws requiring dogs to be on leashes that are six feet in length or less.
I would suggest getting one large leash plus one large lead for three dogs and a belt loop and two more large leads for the other two. If the dog wants to veer off the sidewalk to check something out, the owner can allow it while the dog remains under careful supervision and, ultimately, under the owner’s direct physical control. Other dogs are needlessly hit by cars, or they get into more even-handed fights, or they suffer pancreatitis after consuming leftovers from picnics.
An inattentive person walking a dog on a short leash is unlikely to have their pal get hit by a car unless the car jumps onto the sidewalk (which happens not infrequently — I have many times treated dogs who were hit at the same time as their owners while walking on sidewalks). Yet many people flaunt these laws, and I worry they could place the future of dogs in public places at risk. Couplers are not recommended to use with our harnesses, as the dogs pulling on each other defeats the design of the harness.

If an unfriendly dog approaches, the leash can be retracted and the dog kept close to prevent a fight. If that same dog is on a long leash he can get off the sidewalk to where the traffic is, which is substantially more dangerous.
I imagine that if one large dog on an un-retracted retractable leash were to maul a child in a California State Park, then in the future all dogs might simply be prohibited from the parks (as they are in many places). In this sue-happy world, we dog owners need to cherish and respect places such as the California state parks that have liberal dog policies. I would try running with two dog on the belt loop first and build up to all five dogs by adding them one at a time.
When an intersection is reached, the leash can be retracted to prevent the dog from being struck by a car. When a businessman dressed in a nice suit approaches, the leash can be retracted to prevent the dog from jumping on him and getting mud on his trousers.
If a pile of chicken bones is on the grass, the leash can be retracted so that the dog cannot consume them.

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