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The important thing to understand is that it is not a natural feeling for a Labrador to be constrained by a leash. It’s a good idea for you and your Labrador to attend training classes together as the instructors will be able to give you helpful hints and guidance in learning to walk together in a safe, comfortable and relaxed manner.
One of the most popular types of dog leashes among pet parents, most dog trainers and experts do not approve of the retractable dog leash.
The length of most retractable dog leashes – some over 25 feet, compared to a standard 6-foot dog leash – can cause entanglement of both pets and humans, even leading to injury.
The ultimate in simplicity, a leather dog leash is perfect for stylish pets who are already leash-trained. The best choice for active pet parents, get a hands-free dog leash if you taking your pup bicycling, hiking or running with you. The downside to using a hands-free dog leash is loss of control – if your dog starts pulling, he may be able to pull you with him!
Again, loss of control can be an issue if one dog is more adventurous than the other, pulling the pups in opposite directions.
Although what may first come to mind is rope – nautical, rough rope made from natural fibers – most rope dog leashes use nylon climbing rope.
As we mentioned, a chain dog leash can be a little on the heavy side – not great for small dogs or young walkers. It usually takes pups some time to become house trained, but if you stick to a strict schedule, and have routine feeding and watering times, then training a pup to go outdoors shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
Most puppies don’t even need a leash until about 8 months of age, because all they want to do is to be around you, and they should follow you everywhere. It’s important that you walk your Labrador at least once a day, and that you are consistent in your approach to training so that he learns the right way to behave.

In 2007 the Consumer Product Safety Commission recorded 16,564 injuries requiring hospitalization associated with dog leashes. Select a leash four to six feet long, depending on the size and strength of your dog, to avoid entanglements. Only use this type of leash with pets who are well-trained and experienced runners to avoid potentially injuring yourself or your dog. Famously employed by dog walkers, a double dog leash gives you a free hand and makes managing a duo easier than ever. Some dogs may initially struggle on a double dog leash, super confused about the whole situation, while other will instantly take to it. However, a chain dog leash is perfectly safe when used with a standard dog collar on a well-trained pet. That’s why it’s so important that you establish good walking behaviour with your Labrador as soon as possible. Never attach your dog to a long line leash anywhere he could jump off and risk choking or strangulation.
Although leather is a fairly sturdy material, hardcore chewers can easily rip through it, possibly leading to an intestinal obstruction. Other hands free dog leashes are designed like a belt that clips around your waist, with a lead that attaches to the dog.
Be warned that double the dogs also means double their pulling power; many a pet parent has been dragged or yanked down by strong pups, even causing serious injury. Do some test runs – or walks – in a fenced yard first to see your dogs’ leash dynamic before hitting the streets. Consider spraying an all-natural deterrent on the leash, like vinegar, citrus or hot peppers.

The metal links are resistant to chewing, and the leash is heavy enough to slow down some dogs. With any dog leash, keep your fingers securely gripping the handle and away from the length of the leash. She wasn’t properly taken care of at her previous home, and needs A LOT of work when it comes to potty training and walking on a leash. Pups should be fed at the same time(s) each day, and they shouldn’t be allowed to free feed. Always supervise your pet, especially destructive chewers who have been known to break through this type of dog leash.
In 2005, Boston pet parent Heather Todd was walking her 90-pound Labrador on a retractable dog leash when Penny bolted, dragging Heather. Give a matching leather collar or even a custom-made leather leash to your favorite pet parent as the perfect give. It’s also very hard to snap or break a metal dog leash, so this is a great option for large, strong dogs. The leash’s spring-loaded design is also prone to malfunctions, with a bulky handle that can easily be dropped or yanked out of a hand.

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