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If you have been noticing unusual behaviors in your dog, maybe it is time to get your vet’s opinion. Most dogs have some peculiar behavioral traits, and we pet owners usually chalk this up to personality or breed.
If your dog has ever scooted on his bottom in front of a room full of visitors, you were probably either completely confused or embarrassed.
If your dog chews, licks or bites his extremities to the point where he is missing hair or has raw skin, he could be exhibiting signs of compulsive disorder. A dog who jumps and snaps at the air like he is trying to catch an imaginary fly is also exhibiting signs of compulsive disorder.
If your dog seems unsettled with every thunderstorm or 4th of July celebration, chances are he just has anxiety. You know when your dog should be drinking more than usual, like if he endures heavy exercise or if it’s hot outside, but if your dog is drinking more than usual without these conditions, see your veterinarian. If your dog is exhibiting any other behaviors that you think are out of the ordinary, talk to your vet or contact us for a checkup. Dogs and puppies often chew to explore their surroundings by chewing certain objects, this often occurs during the age of 28-52 weeks. Dogs and puppies chew objects such as plaster and even stones as they have not been getting the right amount of calcium in their diet.
Your dog or puppy may have started chewing objects to get your attention – he knows when he chews the remote control and your slippers that he has your undivided attention when you chase after him.
A good way to stimulate and exercise your puppy or dog is play lost of games throughout the day.
If you catch your dog chewing, spray him on the back of the head with a water spray, this is to startle him. Give your dog or puppy only 2-3 toys to play with – choose toys with different shapes and textures. Play games with your pooch with the toys and chews this will train your dog to associate good feelings with these toys and chews – which will teach him to want to chew these rather than anything else.

Fill some toys with there favorite dog food recipe, this gives your dog a reward for chewing the right toy rather than your shoe – reward based dog training methods are very effective. Congratulations any one of these dog training techniques will stop dogs from chewing with very little fuss and with you still remaining best of friends.
When a dog is getting ready to take a nap or to curl up for the night, he walks in circles as a way of getting his bed ready (even if the bed is just the middle of a floor).
Dogs circle before relieving themselves for several reasons, one of which is similar to the reason for their bedding behavior. Another reason that dogs circle before going to the bathroom is that it lets them survey their surroundings to make sure there isn't a predator somewhere in the periphery that might disturb them during their process. If you notice your dog circling on occasions other than when he is preparing to lie down or go to the bathroom, you should be wary.
This behavior is a sign of anal irritation, and can stem from parasitic infection, inflammation, or anal gland problems.
The exact cause of this behavior isn’t known, but some dogs have shown improvement after dietary changes, leading researchers to relate the behavior to the possibility of underlying GI problems.
He could be suffering from Idiopathic Vestibular Disease, an inner ear condition that affects your dog’s ability to balance. There are several diseases that can cause your dog to feel extra thirsty, such as diabetes or kidney disease. If your dog doesn’t seem thrilled about his kibble from time to time, it’s probably not a big deal. Any information is not intended to replace the advice of a Vet.Always speak to a Vet if you have any concerns about your dog's health. There are several reasons for this common doggy behavior, most of which are perfectly normal and not a cause for concern. Stomping down grass allows dogs to have a clean, flat area to go to the bathroom and to make sure there aren't bugs or snakes beneath them.
Dogs like to feel safe and have a sense of privacy when they are relieving themselves, just like people do.

Patton Chapel Animal Clinic has seen it’s fair share of odd dog behavior, and we know that some are more concerning than others. However, if your dog refuses to eat for more than a couple of days you should see your vet to rule out a more serious issue. But if your dog eats a lot of grass, talk to your vet about a possible nutrient deficiency or other underlying issue such as worms. Wild dogs and wolves had to stomp down foliage to make a comfortable area for sleep and to get rid of bugs and snakes.
The circling motion while a dog is inspecting his surroundings also helps the waste to move down the dog's system. See your vet if the behavior becomes chronic or if your dog is beginning to injure his own tail by biting or chewing, as you could have a flea or parasite problem on your hands.
However, if a breeder ignores guidelines for when to sell puppies, or if you adopt an orphan pup, you may end up with a older dog who still chews on a blanket or even his own body (also known as flank sucking). In extreme cases of compulsive behavior, dogs can do so much damage that they require tail amputation. Dogs have scent glands in their paws, so in addition to their excrement and urine leaving an odor to warn other dogs away, their paws leave one too. Dog owners who see this behavior should talk to their vet about the possibility of behavioral problems related to early weaning.
If the veterinarian determines that it is a behavioral issue, she may recommend that you consult an animal behavior specialist.

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