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Blue Circle Pattern Beading set on a beautiful Brown Leather Dog Collar, by Kenyan Collection.  Customers tell us these are the highest quality and most unique beaded collars they have ever seen! Made of genuine leather this very unique dog collar is covered with an ultra-resistant 100% polyester canvas.
Dog owners prefer to dress up and style their dogs with unique dog collars to showcase their unique preferences.
Dog collars have been around for decades and it is the most popular dog accessory available in the market today. You can simply measure the collar size manually using a tape measure, or prefer to bring your pet along as you go shopping.
Collars are used for various reasons like taking your dog for a walk, enhancing the appearance of the dog, identification purposes, among others. There are so many design options to choose from when it comes to the dog collar and you can surely find one from the wide selection that especially fits your dog’s distinctive personality.

This is because if your dog gets lost, it can be easily identified using the collar and returned to you. If you are seeking for unique dog collars with a safe and natural material, which will still look better in years to come, then a leather collar is the best option for you.
Identifying the collar’s purpose will assist to decide the type of collar that is suitable for your pet.
Unique collars for pets grab the interest of many people and this is one of the significances of buying one. Leather collar is a perfect alternative for dogs that tend to have allergic reactions when they come in contact with nylon or metal. If it is for the purpose of identification unique dog collars can best be used to easily identify your dog, especially when you take your dog to walk in the park where there may be dogs with similar features like yours. You get one that matches your dress in a case of an event such a wedding and you want to take your dog along with you.

A narrow dog collar will cut into a neck of a big dog and this could cause choking or irritate the pet while a small dog will wriggle out of wide collar. Nowadays, the popular dog bandanas are also available which add appeal to your fleecy companion. The size of unique dog collars and leashes should comfortably fit around the neck of the dog in such a way that there is some space left for them to move the neck. Not to mention, of course, the fact that you are making your dog the center of attraction wherever you go.

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