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The stretch action eliminates the sharp bone-jarring jerks associated with non-flexible leads. We think the wacky walkr couplers are the best on the market.  The elastic stretch gives your dog plenty of room and it reinforced with a nylon cable, so it will never snap or break. Our Friendly US team can advise you on what product is best for you and your dog based on the breed and how you will use it. We pledge to do our best to write the best articles we can to help educate you about dogs and how to keep them safe.
This entry was posted in Product Tips and tagged dog coupler, How to walk two dogs, How to walk two dogs with a coupler, sporn dog coupler, wacky walkr couplers, walking two dogs safely. When walking my dog, I am always concerned about his safety and the safety of pedestrians . Purchasing a coupler is great idea, but one must do research and search reviews sites, if the question of the safety of your pet is a great concern. Additionally, a retractable leash gives you little control in the case of an emergency so trying to protect two dogs -doubles the risk.

We now carry the Bergan stretch leashes, they are designed so you can add as many segments as you need to one handle. If one dog is much faster than the other due to age or health issue, then the coupler isn’t a good walking method. We would recommend you try the new Bergan couplers, they are designed with more room for them to explore but not too much for them not to be safe. You have the option of walking two dogs close together, two dogs far apart, and dogs of different sizes by changing the length of each side of the coupler using the sliding Adjusti-buckle™. Features the patented Sporn Adjusti-buckle - simply click open the quick-lock clasp, pull coupler to the desired length, and close clasp.
Home > Sporn Two Dog Coupler - Maximum AdjustmentThe Double-Dog Coupler™ utilizes your existing leash and allows you to walk 2 dogs at once! Product Reviews for Sporn Two Dog Coupler - Maximum AdjustmentNEW Extra Small Coupler is ideal for little dogs up to 15 lbs. Our black labs love it and my husband thinks it is the perfect way to walk both dogs together.

It thankfully enables my arms and hands much less shock when my dog spots a rabbit or chipmunk and his hunting instinct kicks in. We specialize in lighted & reflective dog products, dog couplers and all items that help keep dogs safe. Have two dogs, one an Austrailan Cattle dog who is 13 and the other a Chihauhau who is 6 so they go about the same speed.
The coupler features the patented Sporn Adjusti-Buckle™ and Swivel clips to prevent tangling.

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