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October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month, with October 27th set aside as National Pit Bull Awareness Day. The Pit Bull has a stigma of being a threatening, vicious and dangerous breed of dog that could attack at any second. Pit Bull owners have been trying endlessly to break that stigma, since they see the qualities of the dog that should be publicized, not hidden.
But while browsing the Facebook page of the rescue group (SEMO Animal Rescue Alliance) that we adopted our Lab from, I came across a picture of a Pit Bull named Blu.
The stigma placed on Pit Bulls not only impacts their lives, but it also impacts the lives of their owners.

To those of you unwilling to consider adopting a Pit Bull, I issue this challenge: Go to an animal shelter and look into the eyes of these dogs. Above all, Pit Bulls—like all other dogs housed in our nation’s shelters—deserve a chance at a better life.
Both were started to educate people and the media about a dog breed that has been misrepresented for years, and to promote the positive image that Pit Bull owners know and love.
Just like any other dog, a Pit Bull will reward you for your efforts with loyalty, companionship and an undying, unwavering love like no other. National Pit Bull Awareness Day was started in 2007 by a Tennessee Pit Bull rescue and education group called Bless The Bullys.

It was started in an effort to educate and hopefully change perceptions about Pit Bulls by using positive media attention.

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