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In this article, you need to use the leash on the dead ring of the collar to test your dog’s understanding of “Stay” command while extending time and distance. Holding the leash with your left hand, start in Heel position, and placed against your belt buckle.
This is an interesting part, slightly rotate your left hand downwards, against your body, applying tension on the leash.
Take your dog to your left side while your dog was sitting and both facing each other, put the rings of your training collar on top of his neck, attaching the leash to the dead ring of the collar.
Put the loop of the leash and fold the leash accordion-style into your hand with the part of the leash going toward the dog coming out at the bottom of your hand.
Take a small bit-sized treat and show your dog, holding it just a little in front of his and slightly over his head.

One thing, while you are applying this technique, position your hand properly like two inches above his head.
In case your dog doesn’t respond on his own, say “Sit” and place your dog into a sit position following the picture. Basically “Sit” command is used to teach your dog to sit politely not to jump on people, sit at the door instead of barging ahead of you, sit whenever you put his food dish on the floor not to grab it out of your hand. This line goes with picture – Naturally, dogs and puppies sit but training them to do so by command so they behaved well.
This is an important command like you are walking with your dog but you dog is too fast or slow than you. Now say and signal both “Stay” and then take three steps in front of your dog, with no tension on the leash.

There are several factors related to be a successful dog trainer and turning your pet into a well-trained dog.
So now you know that if your dog having these things, you can say he is a well-trained dog. So to control your dog you use this command “Go Lie Down” to send your dog to a particular place and stay there until you call him back.
Two kinds of factors one is under your direct control and another one is dependent on your dog.

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