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By the way, while walking with your dog, you can try to jog with him while then walk, this do good to your dog. If you are a dog owner then there is one thing you must know, “no one is going to love your dog the way you love him”. One of the most common reasons for dog bites is their possessiveness towards their property. It is very interesting to know that dogs never bite all of a sudden but give us several warning signs before finally losing the temper. 5.The dog starts looking at you in such a way that you can see the half moon shaped white of his eyes.
Being a dog owner it is your responsibility to train your dog in such a way that he does not cause harm to you and to others. We have discussed earlier that one of the most common reasons of dog bites is the fear of being in unfamiliar situations and meeting unknown people.
First, this leash-biting situation frequently happen when your dog in his puppyhood time, because leash is an strange thing to him and pup has the playful natural, so when people try to use leash to lead him, he will think that you are playing tug of war to him, so dog will bite the leash in order to play with you.
This should make this statement pretty understandable that no one can train your dog the way you can train him. The idea of training your dog yourself at home may seem very difficult at the first glance but it is not something impossible. You need to introduce your dog to different people and place to help him come over his social phobia.

Make sure that your dog completely understands the basic obedience commands like stay, come, sit and leave it. Second, dogs like free as any other animal, leash to dog is just a kind of imprison to him, so he resists it by biting. To find inspiring, interesting and comprehensive pet information, to learn more about pet care and pet fashion, to make yourself a better friend to your pet. So if you are not happy with some of the habits of your dog then before approaching the professional trainers consider your own self as a trainer first. In order to train the dog not to bite you should first understand their psychology and the reasons for their aggression.
Here we will discuss some of the very simple techniques that you may use to train your dog not to bite and harm.
It is a normal practice that we teach our dogs not to growl as it is an inappropriate behavior. Playing with your dog will not only strengthen your relation with your pet but will also redirect your dog’s energy. Being a good dog owner it is your responsibility to train your dog in such a way that he does not become the source of harm for other. Third, walking outdoors is frequently a high energy, high stimulus, extravaganza of scents, movement, sound, and sights for a dog.
It is very important to utilize your dog’s energy in something positive and fun instead of letting that energy turn into a negative one.

So expecting your dog not to bite and to follow your command without having a healthy relation with you is a folly.
Not only train your dog how to behave with your kids but also train the kids how to interact with the dog. Once you provide your dog with a healthy and friendly environment there is no way that your dog will behave in an inappropriate way.
Do not pull your dog especially a young dog with leash, as he will feel upset and unhappy with you and the leash. So, let your dog growl in order to know that he is not feeling comfortable and so to get him out of that situation before he loses his temper. Research has shown that about 50 percent of the dog bite victims are children under the age of thirteen. We will discuss some of the very simple training techniques that you may use to train your dog yourself.

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