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The training a puppy not to jump electric here are some cabin fever boredom busters week is the important thing to a successful.
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Kate Jackson: Walking your pint size dog is one of the most valuable times you can spend with them. Kate Jackson: If your lease walking looks more like this, you're wasting good training time with your dog.
Dog's have an opposition reflex, which means when there is tension on the leash, they think pulling harder makes it go away.

What you need to do is break that tension with real quick little tugs, so that your dog learns that there is relief in a loose leash.
To perform a video search, please enter a term in the search box located to the right of the video player above. Casey’s approach to loose leash walking is to emphasize the placement of treat delivery. These videos all are highly simple and effective even though they use three different methods. Receive valuable dog training business tips and resources every week! Subscribe to The Modern Dog Trainer now by submitting your name and email below.

Lindy is now about 9 years old and still loves to train every day.  He is a awesome dog, and I love training him because he loves to please.

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