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Positive ReinforcementPositive reinforcement dog training works by using praise and positive actions or rewards instead of punishment to teach a dog right from wrong.
We like to think that we are the ones training our dogs, but they are often training us at the same time.
Giving your dog a reward, even though you had to physically show him how to sit, is important. Don't forget to praise the dog whenever he follows through on your commands without your prompting him with your hand.
As the dog progresses, stop giving treats for the speak command and give one treat for the quiet command. Praise your dog when he is in the correct position, even if you had to physically help him into the position.

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On another note, many of our pet dogs began as working dogs, pulling carts, sleds, carrying items on their backs, as well as hunting and companions. Training your dog to obey your commands is a simple process, although it can be a long process that requires a huge amount of patience, if you want it done right. Break your dog biscuits into small pieces however, you don't want to over feed your pet by giving him full dog treats. No more than this, otherwise the dog may think it's play time and you'll have lost your willing pupil. Remember to only do one command at a time until your dog learns it, before moving on to the next.

Patience, repetition, praise and love is what your dog needs, and you will soon have a dog that obeys you with little problems.
With proper care and training they can do a lot that could come in useful in an emergency situation. Anything your pet wants to do or have should be given only after the dog displays calm behavior.

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