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To stop your puppy from biting your hand while you are stroking his face, you must offer him a treat from your other hand. If you do not want your family beaten by your pet dog, you need to know the tips of training a dog not to bite. If you are bitten by your puppy while you are playing with him, you must change the way you play with him. If your puppy bites your hand while playing with you, you must yelp and let your hand go limp.

Therefore, when your dog is biting you playfully, you can use this command to leave your hand alone.
But If he bites you again, you must yelp and say “you blew it’ or ‘too bad’ in stern voice to stop it.
Give your dog this command when you are putting his food on his bowl so that he will not get too excited and bite your hand.
If your puppy bites you again, you must stop playing with him and ignore him for twenty seconds before start playing again.

It is some solution that we can say, and you already know about training a dog not to bite.

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