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The two most important aspect of training a Yorkie is to train it to control excessive barking and toilet training. I was advised not to take him outside until he is 4 months and has all his shots, so I really want him to meanwhile he uses his pads so I won’t have to clean up after him all day. Hi my name is Kayla I have a Yorkie that is about 3 years old.he likes to pee everywhere in the house!! Kayla, I own 9 months Yorkie and he got house broken in first 2 weeks when I brought him home.
I am a new mommy to a 7week old yorkie name Mason I must say I am so proud of my baby… he is putting up the potty training on the puppy pad quickly now he goes by his self the key to this is be consisted with your baby, know that at times they are gonna make mistakes but the key is consists and relax and stay calm.
Hi my yortshire is 5 years old a old lady own him and how I have him I fine he will not eat dog food he wants what wee have and he looks very thin he weights 5 pound 6 oz is this under weight for this age of dog . A puppy may bark more often as she adjusts to a home because she feels insecure about her new surroundings and misses her mother.
If you cannot find a puppy class to fit your schedule, you can always seek private instruction with a professional dog trainer. I would like to know the best method for training a Yorkie not to bark, or at least to stop barking when told. Start with crate training once you release your baby from the crate take you baby directly to the pad continue this until your baby pick it up and know where to go a relieve. I want to say that this article is awesome, nice written and include good tips about training Yorkies. A puppy's barking may be cute at first, but without early training the barking can turn into a behavioral issue in an adult dog.

Keep the puppy with you whenever possible by letting her follow you around the house or take her out on errands.
Teaching your puppy basic commands will help you control many problem behaviors such as barking. Puppy classes are ideal because dogs learn basic commands and how to socialize with people and other dogs. A dog trainer can help you teach your puppy basic commands and guide you through ways to prevent excessive barking. So, when it does a task correctly, do not forget to treat it with a verbal praise and a food treat. This would train it not to pick up food offered by strangers, foreign objects like shoes, etc.
The crate serves as both a comfortable bed and a safe place when the puppy wants time alone in a busy household.
When the puppy barks, lightly rattle the can somewhere in the same room so that it makes a noise and say firmly, "no." The puppy will not like the noise and will begin to associate it with barking. The classes also teach a puppy how to walk politely on a leash without straining against her lead. Jimmy (Yorkie) hears a car door, sees a dog, a bird, a person, anything he barks excessively. Crate training will also help with house training because the puppy will not want to soil her bed. Shake the can near the puppy but not directly in front of the puppy's face, because that may be too frightening.

He perches himself on the to of the couch and looks out the window then when anything goes by he lunges himself into the blinds and barks like there is no tomorrow.
If she does not view you as the pack leader, she may bark at strangers because she feels it is her responsibility to protect the family. Please do not make a loud noise with anything that could potentially harm your puppy's ears, such as a horn.
Moreover, they are always alert and would start barking even at the slightest hint of danger. This is why it is important to initialize the socializing training in Yorkshire Terriers at the early stage of their life. With proper training, they have the potential to becoming an indispensable member of the household. A firm voice is also more effective than shouting at a barking puppy because the puppy might even interpret a shout of "no" as a bark. Yorke’s have small bladder and they need to go outside frequently so minimum is 2h in the house 10 minutes outside, when they are older its more manageable.

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