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Dogs usually accept and do the verbal commands from its owner, so it will become harder when the dog suffered deafness because they cannot hear verbal instruction then.
After all, how to train a deaf dog will affect how the attitude and the behavior of the dog to its owner or to others. As we said at the beginning that teach good behavior on deaf dogs will require extra diligence and patience because they cannot hear the verbal commands of its owner. Below we will try to give you some tips about how to train a deaf dog and we hope it will be useful for you who are living with deaf dog.

But if it is proved, for example is deaf dog bite more often especially with the new person, then you can train them in a patient way and carefully. Dog became deaf because of something either due to the congenital factor or due to human treatments who like to punish them with violence.
Maybe what makes it a bit different is the treatment you give to a dog so they can understand your verbal commands. When people need and look for how to train a bad dog, they also know that bad behavior on dog is related to their temperament as well.

You need to remember, every dog will be aggressive when they annoyed so you cannot discredit the deaf dog and think that they are so aggressive without any reason. This guide book says that deaf dogs will be more sensitive to the touch as well as changes in the human’s expression especially from its owner.

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