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In general, it is not a good idea to teach your dog to eliminate in the house, but there are some situations in which litter-box training can be useful. If your dog does not eliminate in the litter box, place her in her crate for another 15 minutes or half hour and try again.
If you catch your dog as she begins to squat in a different area of the house, do not scold her, but quickly rush her to the litter box and reward her for appropriate elimination.
Your litter box training will likely be most successful if you combine it with other management techniques like crate training and tethering or “umbilical cord training.” Dogs are generally very clean animals who do not want to soil the areas where they rest and sleep. By observing your dog carefully to see when she needs to eliminate, providing her with plenty of opportunities to eliminate in the right place, rewarding all incidents of desired litter-box toileting, and cleaning up accidents quickly when they occur, your dog should be using her litter box reliably in short order.

How to train a dog to use a litter box is one of the most importat technique that you have to master when you have a dog. Then, when you get home and find your dog has peed all over your house again, wipe the pee with toilet paper and place it in the new litter box.
To instruct your dog to use the dog, use simple phrase of instructions such as “use the box” whenever he behaves like he wants to pee. If you live on the 50th floor of a high-rise apartment building, are away from home for longer than your dog can realistically be expected to hold her bladder, or have a dog recovering from surgery who cannot use the steps to get out of the house, you may very well need to teach your dog that a litter box is an acceptable place to toilet but that other areas of your living space are not.
Until your puppy is reliably eliminating in the litter box, reward every single successful potty endeavor in the litter box.

Litter box is a kind of “toilet” for your dog and it really helps in getting rid of the pee and poop problems. If your dog is small and he does not want to pee in the box, simply lift him and tuck him into the box.
Choose the litter made of super absorbent materials such as newspaper pellet or something else.

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