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Our Trained Dogs For Sale and Trained German Shepherds For Sale come with a lifetime guarantee on Obedience. This is a special dog that has received special attention and training from a very early age. I was so impressed with his beauty and his work ethic that I joined a schutzhund club to lean more about the formal training, titling and showing for the German bloodline German shepherds. I decided to start breeding German shepherds and had my first German shepherd litter in back in 1993. Little did I know at the time Jenny would become one of the top producing German shepherds of all time. I bred Jenny to the German world young dog sieger, Xandro vom Danischen Hof, schutzhund 3 kkl1. Michael would come into the USA to help Americans interested in German bloodline shepherds. In 1999 I moved to Cologne, Germany to train and show my German shepherds, during that time I fell in love with Michael.

Michael and I make the perfect team, I for my love of being a German shepherd breeder and he for his long time love for training and Schutzhund titling German shepherds.
At our German shepherd kennels you will find beautifully trained German shepherd dogs and German shepherd puppies with well balanced temperament, We are German shepherd breeders that breed the German "SV" way.
Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, bought his German Shepherd puppy from Wustenberger-Land German shepherds.
This dog was co-owned by the breeder and the trainer and has been shown and exhibited throughout Europe. Our puppies Fathers and Mothers are Schutzhund-IPO Titled Champions of pure German VA-V bloodlines, Hip-Elbow certified, super healthy, happy and AKC registered- German SV registrable.
My name is Jeannette Kempkes In 1992 I imported my first German shepherd  male, A show line, schutzhund titled, IPO3, FH titled dog, He was a top son of the famous Enzo von der Burg Aliso, out of the great Quantum von Arminius lines.
I became successful after the purchase of a female German shepherd named Jenny vom Laacher Haus, schutzhund 2 kkl1, a top daughter of the famous Eros von der Luisenstraße. Oliver vom Laacher Haus making young dog German World sieger, VA Himmel vom Wustenberger-Land and the last litter Jenny had for us produced the very famous multiple VA, German World sieger show SG19, Jazmin vom Wustenberger-Land schutzund 3 kkl1.

Michael is reconized as one of the worlds top German shepherd trainers and handlers and recently awarded by the German SV. He assisted many German shepherd breeders with professionally schutzhund titling and showing of their German shepherds. We started a new German shepherd breeding, training kennels, in Agua Dulce, Los Angeles, California, and named it Wustenberger-Land German shepherds, (meaning Dersert-mountain-Land German shepherds).
Michael is responsible for many of the schutzhund titles and VA placings on a large percentage of the German shepherds that are in the USA.
Our German shepherds are super healthly, up to date on vaccines, AKC registered and also registerable with the German SV.

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