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We know that barking is a natural behaviors of a dog but in several circumstances when you have little baby in the house or your neighbor is not pleased with your dog barking, you have to do the training so that your dog will know when to bark and when to not bark. For example, if your dog barks whenever he sits by the living room window and he sees people or animals passing by, control his barking behavior by roll down the window curtain so that his vision is blocked and he cannot see closing the people or animals passing by. If you do not ignore him, your dog will think that you reward him for barking and being annoyingly noisy. But as your puppy turns into a dog, his voice changes and so do your expectations and priorities.
Always remember that the loud barking may hide your dog’s joy to see you or be around you, his intention to protect you and your loved ones, or just an expression of his needs. Your quest for advice on how to teach your dog not to bark is proof enough that you are subject to mistakes and limitations yourself, so don’t be disappointed when your dog proves to be the same. Even though dogs are considered as cute, tame, and loyal companions, their bark is sometimes too loud and annoying.
It might be something that fears him or excites him so that he barks whenever he sees that thing coming. When you ignore him, do not talk to him, do not touch him at all, and do not even make eye contact him.

You only realize you need to learn how to teach your dog not to bark after a white night, when you cannot get along with your friends because your dog is demanding attention, or when your neighbors start complaining about it. Maybe the problem is with you, and you either need a new approach on how to teach your dog not to bark, or you need to leave the job to professionals. As you probably already know, the most important step in any training process is to get the dog used to words like “good” and “bad”, or “yes” and “no”, to help him associate these words to what he is or isn’t allowed to do. If you were expecting to discover some revolutionary advice on how to train a dog not to bark overnight, you will be disappointed. Do not feel bad for him and just ignore him for as long as possible until he stops the barking. In the beginning, listening to a puppy barking is like watching a newborn take his first steps or listening to his first words. When your dog obeys and stops barking, give him a biscuit, his favorite ball, play with him for a minute or two, pet him and talk to him kindly. Whether you like it or not, repetition of the reward and punishment steps and consistency will be your best friends on your quest for “how to teach your dog not to bark” techniques.
Maybe your dog is sounding an alarm, giving alert to another animal, joining in excitement, instigating play, getting fear, telling other animals to stay away from his area, demanding a reaction and so on.

Once you find the cause, figure out the way so that your dog will not get to see the thing and so that he will not continue his barking behavior.
By ignoring him, he will realize that you do not give him any attention if he continues barking. You have fun watching your puppy barking at your friends with his fragile and funny voice, or scaring the neighbor’s cats. Therefore, every time your dog starts barking, say a loud and clear no in a cold authoritative voice, looking directly into his eyes and pointing your finger. Give him the silence treatment, put his collar on and confine him to a place he does not like.
No matter how many articles and tips on how to teach your dog not bark you read, all of them will agree that punishments are a fundamental step in the process.

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