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Abby was 7 weeks when she came home and was sleeping through the night with no accidents in the crate. My dogs sleep with me at night and I've never had a puppy have an accident on the bed, or get me up during the night. When I got Cairo I began loving sleep and made him sleep through the night, we had no issues and he was 3 months. Our dog is a Mini Poodle, so I don't know if that makes any difference, but she had to get up twice per night the first week we had her.

I let her get me up once in the middle of the night at first but quickly began ignoring her cries because I didn't want her getting into the habit of getting up in the middle of te night. My nite security guard thought me a bit odd but got used to my regular nite walks with a tiny puppy. The second week I moved the crate next to our bed with the door open so I could reach in and pet her, and after we did that she slept right through the night and has done since. She is now 4 months old and sleeps in her open bed in the opposite end of our bedroom, and she's never had any accidents at night.

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