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Despite how meticulous you are or how many dog training classes your take your pup to, there is always a chance your dog can get loose from a leash or escape the backyard. I can attest the importance of these commands because of personal experience: a few months back, my girlfriend's new dog escaped from the leash while I was walking him. Established 1996 - cage free environment, doggy day care, dog boarding, dog grooming, dog teeth cleaning - anesthesia free. As pet parents we are responsible for getting our dog(s) training so they can be a good canine citizen(s) and a great family member. Whether you just need pet food or place for you furry pal to stay on the weekends, we are here to help.

There are many different things you can train a dog to do like fetch, roll over, give high fives, bark on command and much more. But there were many factors that distracted her from training like anxiety from being in a puppy mill.
Needless to say, I trained this dog how to Stay and Come right away and it has not happened again. I initially came to hollywood paws for training but stuck with it to see what would happen and have worked on a few productions since.
From grooming and day care to training and recreation programs, Hollywood Hounds provides the ultimate in puppy pampering with excellent service and an amazing staff.

Your beloved doggy will experience exceptional care and service in style surrounded by colorful murals and garden views.

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