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Before you start training, though, you must be sure that what you have is really a behavior problem and not a physical problem.
Leash him to you in the house so you can monitor his every move during his training period. And, the good news is that if you have an older dog that needs a little help in this area, that is no problem at all, even old dogs can learn a few new tricks! It's not unfair during training to leave him in a crate for four or five hours at a stretch -- assuming, of course, that he's getting his regular daily exercise.

One-on-one assistance can pinpoint the problems in your training regimen and get you both on the right track. People who bring their puppies straight home and allow complete access to the house, have the most trouble with potty training.
Potty training is all about you and it is your responsibility when he is young to help him be successful.
People never seem shy about punishing their dogs, but too often forget to praise them -- they take it for granted the dog should do the right thing.

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