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Well, it was because we would send these working dogs out on cruise ships with their disabled owners. But some of the best things in life take a lot of work and determination and I think potty training is one of them!
It will also make your dog or puppy so tired that he will be more likely to sleep during the night. Exercise is just as important during the day as it is at night for conditioning good behavior and ensuring a tired dog. And, many people give up and these dogs end up in shelters or passed from person to person until they are finally euthanized because the behavior has lasted so long.
Stepping in a wet carpet puddle in your cozy socks is a night terror that all puppy owners know all to well especially during the early stages of your puppy’s development. House training, along with puppy training in general, must be a fun and positive experience for your little baby. Your Ultimate Training Kit includes the patent pending elevated Palace Loft, which clearly defines your puppy's sleeping area.

My friend is an experienced dog-person who has had many different dogs but has never had the type of problem that she has with her St Bernard! During puppy potty training, repeat the cue word until he finishes, so that it becomes attached to the event. Allowing the puppy to roam all over the house only invites trouble, because accidents may happen during dog potty training.
Give him lots of praise so that he develops a positive mental connection to puppy potty training. He will not understand why you are angry, and his anxiety will only prolong puppy potty training.
Positive reinforcement and a training schedule will also enhance your mutual relationship and build trust.
We will talk in detail about crate training later but for now it is important for you to know that the crate is a great potty training tool, The crate is simply an extension of your puppy’s comfy bed.
A couple of weeks ago I got an email stating that he was leaving the country and was offering my dog back to me, of course I accepted and picked her up that night.

But in order to make sure your puppy toilets where you want them to and not wherever they please, you have to go through a potty training routine. Before you go back inside give him a training treat, a toy, play fetch if that’s what you pup is into, anything to make him feel like he has done something great.
With potty, she was great the first 2 days, she went potty outside everytime I took her with no accidents, and she remembered her crate training and anticipates rewards when she enters, I even feed her meals in the crate. Our innovative design keeps the loft and your puppy clean and dry throughout the day and night. The problem is that I have to take her out 2-3 times before she will potty even after holding it all night.

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