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Here is an article we found that will take you step by step through the process on how to teach this trick to your puppy or dog.
Before you do anything else, make sure your dog has a good understanding of the sit command. If fetching doesn’t come naturally to your dog, you may have to work on training him to play first.
This step and the next are the most important parts of the game of fetch, and the place most people run into trouble. The best way to get a dog to return to you with the ball is to make sure he has a strong understanding of the come command before you begin.
If a dog is having trouble with this step, you may need to shorten the distance you throw the ball. Keep in mind when you’re going through these steps that your dog is likely to be just as happy playing chase or keep away as he is fetch. For dogs who persist in running away with the ball, try practicing with your dog on a leash. How to train your dog to play fetch question will cross to your mind when you find out that one of the best ways to spend time with our dogs is by playing fetch. The secret behind an enthusiastic dog in the fetching game is by picking the right stuff to throw.

Finally say “go get it!” and throw the ball as far as possible for the dog to run and get it. When your dog is excited to get the ball, try to hold his collar for a while after you throw the ball away. Although at first both you and your dog will be disappointed because of the trial and the errors, but eventually all will be well once you teach them to complete this game.
It involves throwing a ball or other toy, and having your dog chase it and bring it back to you. As soon as your dog returns to you with the first ball, show him another ball you’re holding in your hand.
Don’t lose hope, be patient and it will all go smoothly as soon as your dog learns the basics.
Playing fetch is literally the most played game that dog owners choose to entertain the dogs. If the dog is reluctant, you can soak the tennis ball into a bowl of chicken stock or beef stock. Many people think this game is something dogs do naturally, but very often they need to learn how to do it, or at least some part of it.
Encourage your dog to come back to you by speaking in a happy voice, patting your legs, and giving him praise.

In this game, all you have to do is throwing things as far as possible and the dog will get it back for you.
Hold the ball in your right arm and move your hands up and down right in front of your dog’s nose.
The aroma of the stock sticking on the ball will attract your dog and he will run to get the ball once you throw it away. Your dog should be able to consistently bring the ball back to you before you move on to the next distance. Holding his collar for a while like that will make your dog slightly frustrated but in the end he will be even more excited. Make sure you wait until you have the ball back in your possession before giving the dog a treat.
Be patient in teaching your dog this trick just like teaching him how to train a dog to play dead.

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