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The Tibetan Terrier has lots of energy and the dog should have regular opportunities to run.
The Tibetan Terrier requires an extensive amount of grooming and should be brushed every 2-3 days to remove loose hair and prevent tangles.
This is an ancient breed that has contributed to the development of all other Tibetan breeds, including the Shih-Tzu, Lhasa Apso, and the Tibetan Spaniel.
An ancient breed, the Tibetan Terrier is credited with the development of all other Tibetan breeds. Tibetan Terriers are highly intelligent, deeply devoted, and exceedingly loyal to their family.
The Tibetan Terrier has a profuse double coat that protects this breed from harsh climates.

The Tibetan Terrier requires daily regular exercise in the form of a long walk or play session.
Anonymous asked:I had a gorgeous black and white Tibetan Terrier when I was in my late twenties - early thirties.
Sweet, loving and gentle, the Tibetan Terrier is lively, mild and fun, with great agility as well as endurance. They were originally kept by Tibetan Monks almost 2,000 years ago and were considered good luck charms. While they do make a good watchdog, Tibetans that bark a lot need to be told enough is enough.
Greig bred the two dogs and brought three of them back home with her where she continued to breed them, establishing a Tibetan Terrier kennel in England.

Tibetans that have firm, confident, consistent pack leaders and that get enough mental and physical exercise will be wonderful, trustworthy family companions.
Alice Murphy of Great Falls, Virginia, imported the first Tibetan Terriers into the USA and later got them recognized with the AKC in 1973. Some of the Tibetan Terrier's talents include: being a watchdog, agility and competitive obedience.

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