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Motivated to keep your dog safe at night, blueberry pet's new reflective dog collar collection is simply elegant.
Inspired by the warm weather, blueberry pet's new classic collection is perfect for everyday wear.
Simple yet charming, this sweet dog collar is designed in a baby pink color and looks good on all the breeds. Give your cool pooch a new and fashionable look with this happy pooch fingers up dog collar! Adjustable nylon collar features a contoured black, quick-snap closure, and heavy duty O-ring. Dogwood Alley Boutique is proud to announce that Chance is now featuring his own blog post.

Made from high quality nylon, that is specially processed to prevent fraying and increase the overall strength. Each dog collar features a plastic quick-release buckle and a nickel-plated D-ring for leash attachment. Embedded with 2 reflective strips to enhance long distance visibility, this collar is made to ease worries of losing your loved pets.
Embedded with a single reflective strip to enhance long distance visibility, this collar is made to ease worries of losing your loved pets. The buckle and adjustable strap are made in the cranberry red color to compliment the pink collar, adding a vivid color to your loved dog.
This way, dog owners are able to re-fasten the collar before your pooches are freed from the collar.

Your Dog will love the feel of this collar and you will appreciate the rugged construction. This lovely print is the sewn onto the hot pink nylon webbing, with the exact same color buckles, for added style. It is a designer dog collar with a cool print of grey crosses on the golden-yellow webbing all over the collar.
Practical and fashion-savvy, this polyester collar can easily accommodate pups of all sizes.

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