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A lack of hands means that puppies have to use their mouths for much of their exploration and that can lead to nipping. Step 1:Discourage nipping at fingers and feet by giving your puppy something that it should be chewing on. Step 3:For nipping that continues, don't be afraid to assert your authority over the puppy.

Chewing is a favorite puppy pastime, but it can become a destructive habit if not redirected early on. Nipping and biting isn't done maliciously; it's usually playful, a puppy's way of relating to its people as it relate to fellow dogs. Keep a chew toy close at hand and when the puppy starts to show signs of nipping, give it a toy before it can latch onto any skin.

However, this nipping is unacceptable behavior and the sooner the puppy is taught that, the better.

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