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Learn how to communicate with your hound by teaching him the meaning of "good dog" or using clicker training. Unless you’re lucky enough to live on hundreds of acres of secure, fenced land, the likelihood is that your dog will have to walk on a leash at some point during her life. Pet Supplies : PetFavorites(TM) Couture Designer Fancy Cute Feather Bling Rhinestone Bow Tie Pet Cat Dog Collar Necklace Jewelry For Small or Medium Dogs Cats Pets Female Puppies Chihuahua Yorkie Girl Costume Outfits, Light and Adjustble Buckle.

Leash training your German Shepherd puppy is essential for a well behaved German Shepherd adult.
Again, each GS puppy has their own personality and this will become noticeable during the leash training period.
Repeated praising when walking on the leash correctly is very important, and the GS puppy will know that is how you want him to walk and behave.

As you gradually increase your distance, train your GS puppy to walk only on one side of you - either your right side or your left side.

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