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Lower-pitched or harsh-sounding barks usually indicate a disturbance of some kind, like fear or alarm. For visitors to your home, teach your dog to go to a specific spot and wait to receive guests. This version of How to Stop Dogs from Barking at People was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on June 3, 2015.
Dogs who feel confident and aggressive about the situation make themselves look bigger by raising their tails, pricking up their ears, and holding their heads high. Rewarding your dog for behaviors you want to eliminate must be avoided, as this will only reinforce those behaviors.

If your dog barks whenever she sees other dogs or people, she may not get enough socialization. Puzzle games, especially those that involve food or treats, can be a good way to keep your dog occupied and happy. Distracting your dog can help curb problem barking by giving your dog something else to focus on. Perhaps counter-intuitively, you need to get your dog to bark to teach her how to be quiet.
Remember that it can take some time for your dog to learn new behaviors, so be patient and be consistent!

Removing rewards for barking and training your dog to stop barking at your command will cut down on problem barking and enrich your relationship with your furry friend.

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