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Personal protection puppy training
There is no extra charge for feeding your dog his or her own food, for administering medications, multiple group play sessions, or any TLC your dog needs.  You may, however, sign your dog up for a walk or a bath, just let us know!
Starting September 3, 2015, clients from our Lake Travis and Lamar locations can request Transportation reservations in Taurus' airconditioned coach. At Taurus, we facilitate play in a way that improves dog behavior, with dogs as well as people! Henry is a graduate of Taurus Prep and the Board & Train, and we're thrilled to see how well he's doing in his new home! Taurus Prep dogs receive a free Board & Train and assistance when they find their forever family.

After bringing my dog to Taurus for the past year or so, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in her behavior toward other dogs.
Private training sessions are a good alternative for dogs who are more comfortable in the home or owners who prefer to be even more involved in their dogs’ training.
Private behavior consultations are for dogs and owners needing help with more serious behavior issues, such as separation anxiety, fear of people or dogs, leash reactivity, adult housebreaking issues, etc.
So that's why we can confidently say you will not be dissatisfied with our Dog Boarding Service at Taurus. Obedience training and canine socialization have significantly improved my relationship with Monster!

We want to make sure your dog knows Taurus is a happy, fun place, and that Mom or Dad will come back for them, so a day or more of daycare ensures that your dog is ready to start learning right away!

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