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Specializing in dog training equipment for sport, schutzhund, police, military and enthusiasts. Dog Harness Shop: Leather, Nylon, Studded, Spiked, Pulling, Walking, Training Harnesses for All Dog Breeds . 5 size holes allow adjustments to 2 inches larger or 2 inches smaller than the stated collar size.
These leather spiked dog collars are made with columns of 3 spikes followed by columns of 3 vintage brass pyramids that help bring out the beauty of this hand crafted creation. Our Crazy Combo leather spiked dog collars are extremely strong yet they succeed in delivering optimal comfort to your dog. These spiked dog collars are perfect for tough and large breeds, the so called "fighting dog breeds", the watch dogs and guard dogs.
If you're looking to make a statement with your next dog collar, The Business End leather spiked dog collars will surely do just that. These spiked dog collars are perfect for large breeds, such as pitbull terrier (pit bull), staffy, amstaff, american staffordshire terrier, mastiff, great dane, and other molosser dog breeds.

About the Spiked collars on this pageA few exceptions aside, the spiked dog collars on this page are 1.75 + more inches wide, and available in large (L), extra large (XL), and XXL. Because collar spikes are sharp, we recommend that you only use a spiked collar when your dog is under your supervision, for example only during walks.
Replace those metal or plastic dog ID tags with one of these beautiful custom leather dog collars. In case these sturdy and thick leather dog collars are not what you're looking for, have a look at all our different doggie collar categories: from leather to nylon, from simple and cheap to fancy, fashion, fashionable designer collars and haute couture! The best prices from the producer directly!Fordogtrainers specialists have a rich experience in production of professional, quality dog training equipment and dog accessories since 1995. Walk them all day long in style as this collar features a combination of handset pyramids, plates and spikes. Plus, you'll get handset rivets which secure the stainless steel buckle and D-ring for the ultimate in dependability. Perfect for really big dogs, and cute for some small dogs that just seem to have a BIG attitude! Whether or not a spiked or studded dog collar is a good choice, despite these longer hairs, depends on your individual dog's hair cut AND on the width of the collar.

Laser engraved name plates with your specified text and font, riveted right on to your dog's new personalized collar.
We have nylon collars, leather collars, canvas collars, tweed collars, any style, color or pattern you can imagine!
Being suppliers of army,police and professional dog trainers forces us to stand highest standards.We use best materials for our harnesses.
Our product line of dog training equipment , dog supplies, and handlers items is the highest quality and affordable. We will help you to make the best choice.Use the instructions how to measure Your dog for a dog muzzle, for a dog collar, for a dog harness and we will choose the best fit size for your dog. Featuring bold brass plates and nickels spikes, your dog will surely be strutting their stuff. Stitched and riveted in the stress points made of best leather with great hardware puts our products in the level when we can proudly call it professional dog training equipment.

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