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Hyperactivity-Hypersensitivity Syndrome type aggression in young dogs and puppies is one of the most annoying behavioral problems since it commonly involves children.
Puppies who where physically abused during the first three months of their life, usually end up with behavioral problems as adults.
This problem develops when a puppy has not been disciplined enough by its mother or an adult dog in the pack and lacks the bite control. While the pouncing and biting are cute when he is small, as he grows the behavior can get obnoxious and even dangerous.

Puppies require lots of exercise, and if they don't get enough, they will work out their excess energy by being rough and rowdy with you.
Take charge of his behavior now to prevent him from developing habits that will be very challenging to change later. If your puppy is playing too rough, spend some time teaching him how you want to play so he learns that if he is too rough, he won't have any fun. Many puppies have an affinity for one type of toy over another, so if you haven't had any luck finding a toy your puppy enjoys, try something different.

Basic obedience work will teach your puppy to listen to you and improve his overall behavior. As he grows up, he won't understand your changing attitudes toward biting and chewing, so it is important not to allow any behavior now that you will not find acceptable in six or nine months.

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