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Replace those noisy, metal or plastic ID tags with one of these beautiful personalized leather dog collars! A common question for new Jack Russell puppy owners is how to train their new puppy not to bite. October 24, 2014 By Nicole Etolen 7 Comments Sharing Is Caring3197960000If you are looking for dog training tips to train your puppy not to chew, you’re not alone! Behavioral problems all stem from somewhere, but you should take into consideration that your troublesome little pup may not be entirely to blame for his or her chewing fascination.
So you've bought the couch you've been eying, only to find that your puppy is using it as a doggie bed and jumps up when he sees you using the new piece furniture.
If you want to stop your pup chewing her way through everything you own you're going to have to be pro-active. One of the first steps towards putting an end to the destruction, is to start by taking a walk in your puppy's boots! It's exactly what it says, a bitter-tasting spray that's been specifically formulated to discourage puppy chewing behavior.

I have used today’s tip myself with several dogs and three (yes, three) litters of puppies.
When you are done needing it, when your puppy has grown up or your dog has learned not to chew the vulnerable item, you can just wipe the hairspray away with a damp cloth.
The National Parks Service raises a litter of sled dog puppies every year at Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska. Just click on the still picture below and it will take you (past a ridiculously long web address) to the NPS Sled Dog Puppies Kennel Webcam.
The key to managing this behavior is to give your puppy good choices to chew on: toys that are meant just for his sore gums.
It is not acceptable for puppies to bite people, or other animals, unless they are in true physical danger and need to defend themselves. Puppies are looking for anything they can wrap their gums around, just like human babies love teething rings.
My puppy got into a sewing box and unwound every spool of thread by chasing them all over the upstairs.

Often they resort to some sort of compulsive or obsessive behavior like chewing or digging.
Examples include the introduction of new pets or people into the house, a change in your dog’s or your schedule, a new piece of furniture or rearranged room, or even a change in your cleaning products or cologne.
My tip for today is for dog and puppy owners, which make up the majority of pets I see in the homes I visit. Older dogs might develop a taste for a certain piece of furniture or shoes and return to it whenever they are tempted by the smell.

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