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As puppies, our pets are encouraged to get right in our faces, put their paws on our shoulders, and lick our noses. When your dog jumps up, hug your chest and turn away from her so she doesn’t have access to your arms and face. If your dog is constantly jumping up, the good news is that you’ll have many opportunities to train the behavior out of her. Most puppies will jump up on people to greet them, and whilst the puppy is young this is often allowed by new doting owners or even sometimes encouraged by accident.

So whether she’s hoping for a sniff of your forehead, showing excitement about an impending walk, or attempting to snap a treat out of your hand, jumping up must unfailingly result in the absence of the desired target. Encourage her to chase tennis balls, roll over for belly rubs, and do all the things that are appropriate for puppies to do, but refrain from giving treats, praise, or any other kind of attention when she jumps. To reduce it, hone your dog’s impulse control (through general obedience training) and clearly let her know what behavior you expect from her. Pups quickly learn that jumping all over us is fun and rewarding, and we reinforce this behavior because it’s fun and rewarding for us too.

In this case, that is to WAIT a little while and try other ways to get the reward (your attention) such as sitting, wagging tail, sometimes barking, but whatever method he tries, we are always progressing as long as he isn’t jumping up.

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