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If you've got a breed that tends to like having things in their mouth, make sure poop isn’t one of them. If they start to approach and sniff the poop, tell them “leave it!” or make some sharp noise to catch their attention. Distract your dog while they are close poop by giving a treat or telling them to do something else. Some dogs will eat poop to make up for nutrients that they aren’t getting, which can cause them to feel hungry.

Eating poop may seem like a nasty habit, but it could also be your dog trying to tell you they need more nutrients. This could be your dog’s way of trying to (1) clean up the small area they're allowed and (2) keeping themselves occupied. If you’re leaving the pup alone for a bit while you’re at work, turn on the TV or radio, so they hear some background noise.
For example, For-bid is a stool-eating preventative that can be used if other methods have not worked.

Don’t allow water for up to 30 minutes after eating, since water will wash down the bad taste in their mouth. As they begin to sniff the poop, make a loud annoying noise, like an air horn, to startle the dog away from the poop.

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