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If Fido is jumping against a glass door, correct his behavior as soon as possible so it doesn't turn into a hard-to-break habit. Step 2Blow up balloons and use sticky tape to attach them to the door in the area where your dog's paws land when he jumps. If your dog is jumping on the glass door because he wants to go inside or outside, consider installing a doggie door.
Opening the door reinforces his behavior -- he'll continue jumping because you always do what he wants you to. Next time he jumps on the door, the balloons will burst and stop him in his tracks, making him think twice about jumping on the glass door again.

If your pet companion jumps on the glass door when it's time for his walk, tell him to sit and stay before he starts jumping, or tell him to find his toy. Shake a can of coins or blow a whistle to distract and startle your dog so he stops jumping on the glass door.
When your dog goes to jump on the door, the nubby texture feels unpleasant on his feet, making him stay away from the door.
This allows him to come and go as he pleases and he doesn't have to jump to get you to open the door for him. Whatever the reason, teach your dog good manners so you can avoid muddy paw prints, scratches and possible injuries, and always reward desired behavior to motivate him to keep up the good work.

Ensure your dog can't see you making the noise -- you want him to associate the noise with his jumping. When he stops jumping, redirect him to a dog toy and praise him when he shows interest in it.
Don't give in -- with consistency your dog will learn that jumping doesn't get him anywhere.

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