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It also helps to make the furniture inaccessible while your dog gets used to sleeping on her own bed.
Pet supply vendors also offer furniture mats that resemble small versions of the plastic pads used on carpet under office chairs. Dogs like to be comfortable, and odds are that your sofa is a whole lot cushier than your floor. In our house the dogs (and cats) have an array of floor pillows and sometimes choose to rest there, sometimes on a couch or chair.

Because you deliver only in exchange for behaviors that you like, your dog offers those behaviors more and more.Structure like this works well for puppies, rowdy dogs, and pushy, noodgy dogs too. Access to the furniture has no magical significance--it’s just one of the many desirables, like food and walkies, that you have in your keeping. If your dog stiffens or curls her lip or growls or snaps at you when you approach her while she lounges on the sofa, then she should forfeit access to the sofa.
Say your cue, wait one second, then toss a single treat on the floor with a sweeping gesture so that Dogalini watches it and sees the treat land.

Instead, when Dogalini gets off the sofa, deliver the treat from your other hand or from a stash in another location. Sometimes Dogalini gets a food treat and praise for jumping off the furniture, and sometimes she just gets praise.

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