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Made of durable plastic material the CarPET Scratch Stopper fits inside your doorway and provides a smooth surface that your cat (or dog) will be unable to get a grip on and whose claws will simply slide off when scratching is attempted. Our cat always wants inside our closet at night despite the fact that we don’t want her in there, so she is constantly scratching at the carpet trying to get in.
If this sounds like something you could use, you can order it directly through the CarPET Scratch Stopper site online.
And if you shut them out of any room that same nature will have them digging and scratching at the carpet trying to find a way in, which can wind up costing you thousands of dollars.

As soon as I laid the CarPET down, she immediately came to inspect, and that night was the first night she was not able to tear up the carpet.
You can also try your luck and enter our giveaway below where one lucky Bullock’s Buzz reader will win their very own CarPET Scratch Stopper, a $24.95 value! In our case, it could cost us our security deposit which is why when I was offered the opportunity to try the CarPET Scratch Stopper, I couldn’t wait to see how well it would work. It is perfectly safe for cats (and dogs), and will not damage your carpet, plus it effectively stops scratching quickly.

In addition to the fact that our carpets are now safe, I love that the plastic the CarPET is made of is mostly clear so it doesn’t stand out or look tacky at all. Overall, I really like the CarPET Scratch Stopper and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to protect their carpets from their pets’ scratching.

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