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On this page learn how to stop puppy biting nipping fast and effectively with our selection of the best free puppy obedience training techniques to cure this common problem often associated with puppy separation anxiety & teething and mouthing.
If you are after a quick cure then watch the video below or browse the whole page for a selection of free tips. It is important to remember that it is quite normal for puppies to want to test their teeth on lots of different things as they develop, but you still need to stop puppy biting before it becomes a major problem. You just need to remember that although it may be normal it isn’t always necessary and you can learn how to train a puppy to stop biting quite easily. Ok so lets get started with the basic principals that you need to understand to stop puppy biting fast and effectively.

To stop puppy biting and nipping you need to be able to learn how to train a puppy how hard he should bite.
Try shaking a can filled with stones ever-time you are bitten – this will startle your puppy into stopping. September 24, 2015 posted by EditorBy Kelly MarshallYour dog should not be have a puppy biting or nipping problem once he reaches the age of 15 weeks or older.
Many dog owners who own dogs that are older than 15 weeks still struggle with the puppy biting issue. This technique will normally stop puppy biting in its tracks but it isn’t loved by everyone.

Anything that you can quickly spray at his little body or head when he bits or nibble is enough to stop him from wanting to bite ever again.

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