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Flash has a very good PennHIP score (70th percentile among Spinone), and has a current negative Brucellosis test. If you, or your Veterinarian, feel the timing is perfect for a second delivery of AI we offer a second collection and shipment of semen for $500.
If you wish to breed your Spinone Italiano to Flash we will give you a definitive answer within 48 hours.

Flash del Subasio has been DNA tested by the AHT (Animal Health Trust in the UK); he is “CA Clear” (Cerebellar Ataxia Clear). Cucciolata di Spinoni Italiani prevista per fine settembre 2015 Madre Brenda del Buonvento ,bianco arancio CACIB in Morfologia e CAC in Prove di lavoro Padre Aladino del Subasio ,Bianco arancio Ecc in Morfologia e CAC in prove di lavoro.

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