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Coldwater Kennel is an Iowa puppy breeder dedicated to raising and nurturing beautiful pups with sweet dispositions that make cherished lifelong companions and successful show dogs.
In addition to providing you with honest and accurate information, once you have made the decision to welcome one of our puppies for sale into your home, we offer excellent health and lineage benefits.
We provide a comfortable and loving environment for our puppies, and we’re proud to help any potential dog owner learn about the breeds they are considering before they make any commitments. Each of our puppies will leave their home with us with a seven day health guarantee as well as a one year hereditary guarantee, so you know your new friend will be strong and healthy for years to come with no surprises in their bloodlines.
In our opinion, dogs are people too, so understanding the disposition and habits of any breed of dog is key to knowing whether it would fulfill your dreams of dog ownership.

Whether you’re looking to adopt a little American gentleman of a Chihuahua, or the keenly intelligentMaltese, we’re here to guide you in your choice and provide you with the highest quality breeds available in Iowa.
We offer honest and genuine answers to any questions you may have about either our facility or our puppies for sale, so feel free to contact us to learn more. Each registered dog meets or exceeds the standard for the breed, though we will occasionally offer for sale those puppies that are more suited to the life of a companion animal as opposed to the show ring.
NOW, because there has become a demand for a smaller size Shih Tzu, many breeders are producing smaller sizes and using the names of Tea cup and Imperial.
Because a puppy looks small and is more expensive, does not mean they are a registered as small.

Many breeders are actually breeding the pups to the Yorkie or Pekinese to get the small size.
This means if we put a puppy on the "Tiny Shih Tzu" page, the parents are both small Shih Tzus.

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