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We selected these dog training books to recommend based on industry expert recommendations and dog training guides that have received exceptional reviews from readers. These dog training books will help you raise your canine right, ensuring a beautiful and healthy friendship. A tremendous top pick when it comes to dog training books, How to be Your Dog’s Best Friend offers expert advice from the New Skete Monks, who have been breeding and raising German Shepherds at their New York monastery for over 20 years! TLDR; A favorite of dog-lovers, the New Skete Monks provide a dog training 101 course in this book.
In this dog training guide book, Pat Miller offers a six-week step-by-step dog training program focused on building a healthy relationship with your pooch by using positive reinforcement.
Some readers find the book a bit too harsh and critical of dog owners, who say they felt the book was trying to shame them. Little Dogs is a dog training book all about training – you guessed it – little dogs! Those unprepared for dog ownership often make correction mistakes that can damage their relationship with their canine. We treat our dogs like family, but we’re still two different species living under one roof, and there is often tons of miscommunication and misinterpretation by both parties. As possibly the most famous dog trainer around, you won’t want to pass up Cesar Millan’s dog training guide, Short Guide to a Happy Dog.
In print for over 20 years, Don’t Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor delves deep into the doggie psyche. In The Culture Clash, dog training veteran Jean Donaldson explores the inherent differences between man and dog. This book will provide you with a rich understanding of canine behavior and help you decipher why dogs do the things that they do. TLDR; Learn which human behaviors are intrinsically difficult for dogs to adapt to, and how to help them adjust to the two-legged world. These dog trick training books will have your dog fetching the paper and picking up toys on command in no time! This international bestseller, 101 Dog Tricks, offers step-by-step instructions for each trick, complete with photos.

Have your hand (or paw) at the basics like shake and lying on the dog bed, or hit up the black diamonds with tricks like Tidy Up Your Toys and Get a Soda from the Fridge (use with caution!). Learn step-by-step strategies in The Beginner’s Guide to Dog Agility to begin agility training with your dog. Gun Dog is a step-by-step guide by Richard Wolters, showing you how to raise your pup as a friend, companion, and hunting buddy. If you think you might want to be a professional dog trainer, these books are a good place to start. The Koehler dog training method is based around the concept that dogs chooses its actions based on previous experiences and expectations of reward or punishment. They distill their expert advice in How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend as well as this book, The Art of Raising a Puppy, dedicated specifically to handling puppyhood. TLDR; Experienced dog-training monks show you how to raise your puppy and create a human-canine bond that will last a lifetime! I haven’t read most of those books you mentioned, but I have read The Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell and highly recommend it. It’s sometimes hard to figure out which philosophies on dog training are best considering there are quite a few variations. Ian Dunbar’s dog-training philosophy marked a major milestone when he first got attention in the 1970s. Part memoir, part dog training instruction guide, this book explains the science behind the popular clicker training and why it works.
Learn how to avoid common behavior correction mistakes and how to create a happy and healthy bond with your buddy in 12 Terrible Dog Training Mistakes, with advice from certified applied animal behaviorist Dr. You’ll come across photos and accompanying descriptions of dogs in many different positions, with human-canine interactions and dog-dog interactions. Get advice straight from the Dog Whisperer as he explore dog psychology, explain dog behaviors, how to create a healthy balance and boundaries for your canine, how to correct common misbehaviors, how to choose the right dog for your family and lifestyle, and more! While not considered a dog training manual in the classical sense (no step-by-step do this, then that), Pryor’s book offers much more, exploring the principles of behavior and how to change canine behavior for the better. Dogs must be taught how to adjust their natural instincts and behaviors in order to integrate into human households and culture.

For some dogs, agility training can be a great outlet and can help you develop your connection with your favorite canine. In Water Dog, Richard Wolters caters to the labrador retriever mindset, exploring the lab’s inherent, desperate desire to retrieve and how to raise a Lab right. The dog will eventually learn which decisions have positive outcomes, and will then repeat those actions. It just makes so much sense and I found it really helpful as far as understanding dogs in general and working on a training plan for my own dog. Since then, other dog trainers have followed his lead (wink wink) moving away from harsh leash corrections and instead focusing on toy, treat, and game reward training. In this piece of dog training expertise, Deborah Wood teachers owners how to communicate and deal with behavioral problems associated with smaller dogs, as well as some pint-sized games and activities specially designed for the smaller canine.
However, when dogs fail to make this not-always-easy adjustment, the consequences can be disastrous.
Trick training offers a healthy challenge for your dog, helps strengthen the owner-canine bond, and gives you an awesome way to impress guests! Training your dog to listen better to your veral directional commands can also be helpful for canicross and skijoring training. Journey with them from the birth of these puppies to their first 12 weeks, with photos documenting these exciting first weeks and records about important puppy milestones and training opportunities. McConnell provides a guide showing how humans can behave to have better, more positive interactions with their dogs.
It’s also considered one of the best hunting dog training books, along with its companion, Gun Dog.

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