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The martingale style leash is one of the most common leads used to move dogs from one location to another.
The reason I chose to import this lead from Belgium was because of the quality of workmanship and the slip guide works the way these kind of guides should work. I ordered one of these British style slip lead leashes a month ago for my 14 month old pure bred chocolate lab, Ryder.
This lead is made of strong multifilament polypropylene roping and solid braid webbing is waterproof, colorfast and shows no performance-loss when wet.

If you do not keep a collar on your dog and need a quick way to put a lead on for a walk - this is the perfect lead!
One of our volunteers bought the 6 foot soft lead with martingale collar from a local retailer and we are most impressed with the quality. I ordered a couple of these slip leads for back up leads if a client forgets or does not have basic equipment. Imagine how delighted I was to receive an orange and yellow striped slip lead that matched the colors Planet Dog bait bag from the same order.

However, after using the lead a few times I saw the benefit of using it as a sort of default primary lead with green dogs I don't have to dig through my equipment bag and find a choke collar that fits.
After trying no pull harnesses and various training collars, all of which were difficult for me to manipulate to put on the dog as well as ineffective, I also have gained amazing control over our walks with this leash.

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