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You can test to make sure your dog has proper circulation and hydration by performing the capillary refill test.
If you examine your dog’s gums and they look blue, he or she may be experiencing a lack of oxygen, which could be due to a number of issues. If you take your dog for regularly scheduled checkups you will see the Veterinarian lift your dog’s upper lip to check the gums. Your dog may have an infectious disease, a tumor, toxicity, parasites, an immune disorder, an allergic reaction, heart disease, a foreign object obstructing their passage way, or may have experienced some sort of trauma to the gums.
Once you release the pressure of your thumb the gums should return to their normal light pink color within a second or two. The Vet should be able to pinpoint the cause if you are not already aware of a health problem your dog may have.
Be sure to look at what is “normal” for your dog so you will be able to determine if your dog’s gums appear to be an abnormal color. Some dogs naturally have darker, redder, or tinted colored gums, which may be considered absolutely “normal”.

The body becomes “scared” which creates an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and constrict blood vessels to prevent blood loss.
If for some reason you think your dog may be sick and you are unable to look at the color of his or her gums, you can try checking other similar parts of their body like underneath their eyelids.
But if you find that your dog’s gums suddenly change color then there may be a cause for concern.
If your dog is in shock you may find him or her breathing rapidly, having a shallow but rapid heartbeat, or their skin may feel cold to the touch because of their decreased blood flow.
Red inflamed gums can be due to a topical irritation, such as a new toy, or dental concerns such as gingivitis, which is similar to humans. If you think hydration isn’t the main cause for concern then seek medical attention so an expert can determine why your dog may be having lack of blood flow. If you find your dog in shock, immediately try to stop the bleeding if there is an open wound, make sure your dog has a clear passage way to breath, and elevate your dog’s hind legs to increase blood flow to the heart and brain. If your dog has too much dental plaque it can cause a buildup of bacteria which then turns into gingivitis.

If you happen to look at your dog’s gums and they look white before you perform the capillary refill test, your dog may be severely dehydrated, or your dog may be experiencing loss of blood.
Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums which can lead to bleeding and sensitivity to the touch.
Blood loss can happen externally, which will be apparent, but it can also happen internally. Red gums can also be an indication of an infection or poisoning, which is likely due to an exposure to toxins or consumption of a foreign object.

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