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But after RHOBH’s Kim Richard’s beloved pit bull, Kingsley, attacked her niece Alexia Umansky last week, reportedly biting through her thumb and down to the bone, the reality star now has to decide what’s next for the pup.
Yet in Kim’s statement, which she also gave to Radar, she defended Kingsley, saying that “the dog has become very protective of me,” and that “anyone entering the house is made aware that the dog should not be bothered.” She went on to explain that when guests are over, he is kept in her bedroom and given access to a special fenced-in area in the backyard.

And now, one of the five victims – Kay Razarion, whom Kim has considered “a second mother” – is filing suit against Kim for an incident that took place in March, according to a statement released by Kim’s rep to PEOPLE.

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